Pimp Your Tone grants you an extended 4-year warranty that starts with the date of purchase from the musical instruments retail trade (as indicated on the receipt) and is based on German laws applicable to the sale of consumer goods currently in force (§§ 474-479 BGB, Civil Code). Our warranty applies to the following products and product groups:

Effects pedals from the manufacturers Death By Audio, EarthQuaker Devices, Ebtech, J. Rockett Audio Designs, JHS Pedals, Keeley, Meris, Mooer, Morley, Neunaber, One control, Old Blood Noise Endeavors, Radial Tonebone, Red Panda, Rocktron, Seymour Duncan, pickups of the brands Seymour Duncan and Benedetto, Electro Harmonix, Caroline Guitar Company, Empress, ChaseBliss Audio, Catalinbread, Gurus, Jackson Audio, Gamechanger audio, Vemuram.

Our warranty applies exclusively to defects that can be verifiably ascribed to faults in material or workmanship. In order to activate the warranty, it is necessary to register products on our website pimpyourtone.com within 15 days after the purchase.

For registering a product, please visit our website to provide the following details:

personal information (name, address)
when have you bought the product
serial number of the product

Products we have NOT directly sold to the consumer cannot be registered. If you have purchased products or product groups through any other delivery channels, this warranty is not valid.

During the product registration, we will verify if all warranty requirements are met. If all is fine, you will receive a confirmation mail – this e-mail must be submitted with any future warranty claims for the registered product! So, please keep this e-mail as a proof for your registration.
This warranty does not limit the consumer rights according to § 437 BGB (Civil Code), i.e. supplementary performance, avoidance of sale, reduction, or compensation.

Terms and Conditions for our Extended Warranty Claim:

Defect verifiably ascribable to faults in material or workmanship during this period, please contact us directly to claim warranty. All Shipping costs must be paid by the customer. In accordance with the statutory warranty, we will decide depending on the defect if repair or replacement of a product can be warranted. If a product is irreparable or no longer available, we offer a discount coupon worth 50 % of the product’s original purchase price that can be redeemed in our online shop ( pimpyourtone.com ).
Any other claims for the removal of defects than specified in these terms and conditions cannot be justified within the validity of our extended warranty. With the performance of warranty services, the warranty period is neither prolonged nor renewed.

Our extended warranty for registered products with defects verifiably ascribable to faults in material or workmanship is not valid in the following cases:
Thank you for your understanding that certain circumstances cannot be included in our warranty!

if the serial number of an instrument or device is missing or was removed
inappropriate handling
unauthorised interference / attempted repairs
wilful damage
act of nature
soiling and staining
minor deviations from the normal condition that are irrelevant for the value and usability of a product
typical signs of wear resulting from the normal use of a product (e.g. strings, batteries, rubber parts on pedals)

The transfer of the warranty claims specified in these terms and conditions to third parties, especially through resale, is not possible.