The Shanks ODS-1 is an easy to handle overdrive pedal with a wide range of tones, John Shanks describes it best: We and the team at Vemuram have spent the last year working and prototyping the new ODS-1 pedal. Itís a beautiful transparent overdrive that one can use to find that prefect balance of overdrive and distortion that I can use in the studio and on stage. The one go-to pedal that can cover most everything I need, from a mild push to full on for solos. A pedal Iíve been dreaming of for years thatís finally here.” – John Shanks Controls ï V (Volume): Controls the overall output volume. ï G (Gain): Controls the drive/gain of the pedal. ï T (Tone): Controls the amount of brightness, Right is brighter, Left is darker. ï Sat (Saturation): Sets and adjusts the saturation of the pedal which resembles a driven tube amp. ï Bass: Sets and adjusts the bass frequencies of the pedal.”