Revvís Green Channel 2 is an expressive crunch tone that is loved by many top Nashville session artists for its feel and clarity. Applying this core amp tone to an amp-like pedal format, G2 delivers a great boost/overdrive, always-on tone-enhancer or even old-school higher gain sounds. G2ís real value is in its versatility. While its tonal-focus is perfect for blues, country and classic rock tones, it stacks well as a boost paired with the heavier G3 & G4 pedals for even more flexibility. ï Amp in a box: Big driven amp tone, organic feel and 3 voicing options ï Plays nicely with: Combos, Heads, Pedalboard Rigs, in Effects Loops and with Cab Modelling ï Voicing based on Revvís signature ëGreen Channelí An expressive and dynamic crunch voicing that provides almost-clean to a satisfying solo drive ï Clear, Warm, Responsive Tone The G2 always sits how you want in a mix, whether you are using it as your main gain source or boosting your amp ï Three Dynamic Voice Settings Off gives you a full-range boost, with 3-band EQ suitable for enhancing your clean tone or boosting your amp. Blue is the core tone of the pedal, touch responsive with musical breakup. Red brings you a fat classic amp-like gain tone ï New Versatile Tone Possibilities The G2 has the widest gain & EQ range of any the Revv G Series pedals. From totally clean, to huge overdrive you can sculpt the high, low & mid-range to your exact rig and preferences ï Build Your Own Tone The G2 plays nicely with other pedals and is designed to stack well with low noise. Combine with your existing favourite drives or other Revv G-series pedals to ìbuild your own ampî on a clean pedal platform. Alternatively, use G2 to tighten up your searing high gain tones! ï Form Factor: Small Single-Space Enclosure Durable Construction, Blue LED, Laser Etching Top-mounted I/O ï Made in Canada


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