REVV Generator 100R MKIII



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Revv Amplification not only brings an entire new class of amplifier to the table – but a new voice of high gain. The Revv Generator 100R MKIII features a totally-reworked high gain Red channel. Known for its thick saturation, the Red channel now features 3 new voices perfect for everything from modern hard rock chugs to touch-sensitive old school distortion. MKIII means the worldís first stereo-out reactive load & impulse response amplifiers, powered by Two notes Torpedo-embedded technology. This includes full stereo reverbs & a Twin Tracker stereo doubler, as well as near-infinite virtual cabinet & microphone combinations. Go direct – no cabinet necessary.† All MKIII Revv amps also include a variable threshold noise gate & amp reverb which can be recalled (or totally bypassed) per channel, giving you perfect performance every time.† Is the Red channel British tone? American tone? Itís Canadian tone. The Revv Generator 100R brings an original take on warm, thick gain, & now pairs that with fully independent clean & crunch EQ sections, giving you 3 multi-voice channels to sculpt your tone from clean to scream.††††† The Generator 100R MKIII delivers on Revv Amplificationís mission to marry pure tonal excellence with the most complete amplifier experience available. Features ï All tube design: 5 x 12AX7, 4 x 6L6GC ï 3 Channels: Clean, Crunch and Red High Gain channels ï 3 band EQ per channel ï Signature Wide, Drive, and Aggression switches ï Bright switch on all channels ï Cut switch on both overdrive channels allows for brighter distortion or a deeper/scooped type of distortion by shifting mid range frequencies for tons of tone variety ï Fat switch on the Red gain channel to thicken your high gain tones ï Built in digital reverb ï Built in noise gate ï Dual master volume controls (Foot switchable) ï Presence and depth controls ï Two notes Torpedo Embedded Virtual Cabinet Selector ï Headphone output jack ï Bluetooth controllable ï Illuminated color changing acrylic badge ï LED lighting for control verification ï MIDI capabilities as well as CC control of all functions and OMNI functionality for easy MIDI programming control ï Foot switch included with regular switching duties (Channels, wide, drive, aggression levels, FX loop, masters and mute) plus patch mode which saves your favorite amplifier settings to one of the 6 banks ï Cabinet lighting port to illuminate speaker cabinet badge ï Transparent serial effects loop ï 4, 8, 16 ohm output impedance speaker output jacks ï Internal load (automatically engages when no cabinet is detected ï Power scaling from 120w down to 10w ï Ground lift switch ï Two notes Embedded Stereo XLR Outputs ï Rear Bias test points with easily accessed adjustments for each power tube pair as well as tube fault indication ï Baltic birch head shell ï Handcrafted in Canada with high quality standards of both sound and build ï 5-Year limited warranty

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