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The PLASMA Coil is a version of PLASMA pedal designed together with Jack White and Third Man Records. Jack White used it on the Raconteurs’ latest album Help Us Stranger and in the following tour. The PLASMA Coil takes HIGH VOLTAGE DISTORTION to new heights by adding intense, gritty and glitchy octave up and down effects that are achieved by driving the high voltage transformer and are unique: -2 Subharmonic modes (bitcrush-style octave down) -1 Upper Harmonic mode (Octafuzz-style Octave Up) -2 Mixed modes (Upper and Lower harmonics combined) It is the PLASMA pedals insane brother. The octave effects will add massive low and high end to higher notes and intense overload of gain to lower notes. Simplified Signal Chain: Input -> EQ -> Octave/Effect -> Transformer to High Voltage -> Xenon Tube -> Antenna that picks up the electromagnetic vibrations surrounding the Tube -> Output Power supply is not included. Plasma Pedal uses standard 9V DC center negative pedal power supply of at least 250 mA. The expected life of the xenon tube is 10,000 to 70,000 hours of active playing. The xenon tube is replaceable.