Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive (Horsie Long Tail)

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Very rare exemple of the legendary Klon Centaur overdrive.
This serial number #827 is one the of the early production models from 1995. With the “Fax” back sticker.

This is a “Long Tail” Horsie, so earlier model. There’s also a “Short Tail” made as a transition design before going to the famous silver and gold “KLON” with no horse.

The circuit is the V#2 that has not that bump in the mids you can hear on the most common silver non-horsie or gold non-horsie.

The V#1 circuit can be found in serials #001 to #300, that one makes more noise than V#2 and V#3.
The V#2 has that noise issue fixed and not the mid bump mod that was made in the V#3’s, so it works great with humbuckers !

Joe Perry, Joe Bonamassa and Warren Haynes to name a few use that version and guess what… they play humbuckers most of the time.

It works fine on single coils as well and it will deliver that klon magic by cutting the treble and boosting the volume knob a little. It will not be “too much” with a high output pickup or a fat sounding guitar compared to the V#3.

This V#2 has a very sweet top end and has a “creamier” tone that the newer silver ones.

It comes with original box and all the papers from 1995 and a luxurious Lanvin Paris bag.  Just because that beauty deserves it and it looks pretty cool with it.

This pedal is highly collectable and a great investment for the years ahead.