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A three-fold device, the Bloom manipulates the dynamics of the instrument by way of precisely tuned optical compression, equalization, boost and sustain circuits which can be activated separately or in tandem with each other. As a compressor, the Bloom features an optical limiting circuit that takes its inspiration from compressors designed during the golden age of vacuum tube circuits. Optical compressors as they are called, are known for their transparency and subtlety. While the Bloom can provide a very aggressive response at more extreme compression settings, its real strength lies in its ability to add a gentle sweetening and roundness to the tone as the optical circuit works to polish off any rough edges in the sound. The frequency response of the compressor section is flat as a board and does not boost or cut any of your highs or lows. Hidden inside the Bloom is an auxiliary compressor circuit that is identical to the main compressor circuit and has two internal trimmers for Comp and Volume. It can be used in series ahead of the main compression circuit in Slide Mode (preset #5) making notes sustain almost endlessly and oftentimes break out into harmonic feedback while still remaining clear and clean. The Bloom circuit can work as a set boost by quickly pressing and releasing the Bloom footswitch, or by pressing and holding the Bloom footswitch the Bloom circuit will slowly ramp up the level to the level set by the boost. This ramp-up time, which is programmable, can be used to increase sustain on held notes or to match the dynamics in a song. Compression – Transparent Optical (LA-2A style) limiting circuit with huge dynamic range. – Dual Compressors for the ultimate slide tone. – Blend control mixes in the clean (uncompressed) signal with the compressed signal. – Six instant access compression presets. Bloom – 0-20dB Boost Available (quick press on Bloom footswitch). – 0-20dB Bloom Available (long press on Bloom footswitch). – True Boost circuit (fully counter-clockwise is unity level). – Totally flat EQ down to sub-audio frequencies. – Programmable Ramp Up/Down Time. More – MIDI control over all 6 compression settings, circuit On/Off (Comp, EQ, Bloom) and bloom level. – 3 Band EQ (press and release Comp + Bloom footswitches simultaneously) based on the legendary Baxandall EQ, with High Bandwidth and ±12dB Boost/Cut per control. – Programmable True Bypass or Buffered Bypass. – Available in Black or Silver.

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