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In 2019, Joey Landreth of Bros. Landreth approached Jackson Audio about making a signature pedal for him. Joey had been using the Broken Arrow but said he was not really a Tube Screamer player and wondered if the team could make him a pedal that had the same architecture as the Broken Arrow, but was instead based on a Bluesbreaker or King of Tone type circuit. The Golden Boy is the result of that conversation. Because the Golden Boy is based on the Bluesbreaker/King of Tone circuit, the resulting tone is very open, uncompressed and transparent sounding. As odd as it may seem, Brad Jackson had never played a Bluesbreaker circuit before he played the prototype of the Golden Boy and he was floored! The Golden Boy with a Strat and a Fender amp is straight up John Mayer! Brad now gets why so many people love this circuit. It sits in the mix perfectly and while it adds overdrive and grit, your guitar still sounds like your guitar! Where the Golden Boy differs from other Bluesbreaker type circuits is that its overdrive has the ability to run much higher gain. This higher gain coupled with the MOSFET boost, the clipping diode options in the overdrive circuit, the gain cycling feature developed by Jakson Audio are what makes the Golden Boy the most versatile and flexible transparent overdrive ever made! Just like the Broken Arrow, the Golden Boy features: ï 4x clipping diode options for the overdrive circuit. ï Independently switchable MOSFET preamp boost with 4x EQ options. ï Our exclusive gain cycling technology which allows the player to adjust the gain to 25/50/75/100% of the selected gain. ï A full 3-band active EQ for the overdrive. ï Full MIDI control.