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Not ones to rest on their laurels , the award-winning good folks at Gurus have put their years of experience and technological know-how plus the input of some of the world’s most respected guitarists, bassists and Keyboard players to present the most advanced and sonically perfect Echosex yet. The Echosex 3 retains the one Virtual HEAD as in the vintage Binson and the ability to move that head to change the delay time like a modern delay BUT keeps that same vintage sound!, Gurus has improved the preamp section which runs at 262Volts (Just like the vintage Binson!) this makes for huge headroom, results in accentuating the harmonics. This improved input section is now impossible to saturate even with strongest signals from powerful humbuckers, active basses, Fx loops or Keyboards/Synths… The tone is pristine and dynamic, Gone is the hiss” found in longer delay time settings however there’s no loss of the “dark” character of the vintage “Tape” or “Magnetic-Drum” echo units. True bypass with golden pin relay, the unit is super quiet with no perceptible noise Plus the slightly smaller box and new “top jack” configuration will make for an easy fit into any pedalboard.”