First dedicated compact polyphonic pitch arpeggiator for electrical guitar! With 8 expandable modes, it will work on complex chords or single notes in any key. The modes range from one octave down through the root, root through one octave up, one octave down through one octave up and random mode in both major and minor keys. The Step control selects how many notes there are in the sequence, which determines the overall feel and timing of the cycle. The Rate adjusts the speed of the cycle while the center toggle switch changes the direction of the cycle. Wet and Dry adjust the levels and the mix. True bypass and handmade in the USA. The new version 2 released in November 2017 features the new Flexi Switch switching which allows to select between momentary or latching operation, along with soft-touch relay-based switching for truly silent and effortless operation with increased long-term durability, as well as a circuit upgrade for better performance, lower noise, and increased output.