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This power supply for effect pedals delivers 2800mA of the cleanest power from its 10 isolated outlets with 9 and 12V available. Outlet 10 is adjustable from 9V to 24V and anything in between, so it can power pedals with non standard voltages. Due to its very high 800mA current capability at 9V or 12V, you can also power bigger units. The mA-meter allows you to measure all your pedalsí current draw so you can use the correct outlet for each unit without wasting” power. The Link functionality allows you to connect to another Cioks power supply, should you need more outlets, even more power or some AC. ï 10 isolated and well filtered outlets: – Outlet 1-2: 9V DC / 100mA each. – Outlet 3-4: 9 or 12V DC / 100mA each. – Outlet 5-6: 9 or 12V DC / 200mA each. – Outlet 7: 9 or 12V DC / 400mA. – Outlet 8-9: 9V DC / 400mA each. – Outlet 10: 9-24V DC adjustable / 800-300mA. ï From 800mA at 9V to 300mA at 24V. ï Total output current of 2.800mA. ï Toroidal transformer with additional electromagnetic shield. ï Adjustable 9-24V DC outlet with mA-meter and very high current capability. ï Short circuit protection of all outlets. ï Advanced LED monitoring of each outlet. ï 120 or 230V mains voltage operation. ï Courtesy AC mains outlet. ï CIOKS unique mains link feature. ï Total of 17 Flex cables included. ï Compatible with Pedaltrain and Temple Audio pedalboards. ï All pedalboard mounting hardware included.”

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