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If the classic Dirty Little Secret MKIII is your war-tested Marshall Plexi sidearm, Catalinbreadís DLS Red is a finely-tuned and well-oiled (figuratively, of course) gain machine that we distilled into a more potent and volatile formula. Featuring a more refined set of gain stages that cuts through the low-mids of the original and brings you an extended barrage of punch and clarity, the DLS Red calls shotgun in the truck that is your pedalboardís dirt section. Catalinbreadís flagship DLS circuitry has been modified to give you more of everything you love about the original with a touch more blistering, amp-smashing gain across both modes, as well as a more hi-fi EQ section and a fully-balanced – yet still very much Marshall – tonal profile. About the original Dirty Little Secret The Dirty Little Secret (DLS) is an overdrive pedal designed to bring you the sound and response of a classic Marshall amplier. It, like the other pedals in our Foundation Overdrive range of pedals, is designed to be a ìfoundationî pedal – it is your ìalways onî pedal that forms the core of your guitar sound which you can enhance and embellish by adding boosters, fuzzes, lters, and other overdrives in front of it – just like you would in front of a real amp. And the reason you can leave it always-on is that you can get a great clean sound just by rolling your guitarís volume knob back! Thatís the way the old school Marshall players did things!