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Tape Echo voiced delay pedal with discrete touch-sensitive preamp, it doesn’t convert the direct guitar signal. It replicates EchoPlex¬Æ EP-3 delay times from 80ms for perfect slapback to 800ms to play like Brian May! The Echo Delay knob replicates the behavior of sliding the tape head across the tape, Echo Sustain controls the repeats all the way to self-oscillation, Sway adjusts the random tape wow & flutter characteristics, Tone controls Record Level” to set how hard you are “hitting the tape”, from light and airy all the way to thick and saturated. This knob also controls how loud that initial repeat is. An internal Gain pot sets it to unity or up to a fuzzy boost. An internal switch sets it to true-bypass or “trails mode”. Runs at 9 volts or 18 volts for more headroom and punch.”