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Catalinbread means business! The Giygas is an all-powerful fuzz tool with enough options to enhance any tone across literally every genre and band configuration. The three-transistor fuzz circuit is harmonically rich, with serious amp-pummeling potential and tons of creamy sustain when cranked. This feeds a JFET-equipped clean blend circuit that can get 100% dry or wet with zero harmonic distortion. After the blending, the signal feeds two cascading EQ stages-the first being a 10dB mids boost or cut at 900Hz, and the second being a tilt-style EQ that simultaneously boosts and cuts frequencies above and below 900Hz up to 10dB. Bass players can flip an internal switch that recenters both Mids and EQ to 250Hz-we <3 rhythm sections! The Giygas can replace a whole board's worth of dirt boxes, leaving more room for, well, more pedals! Controls - EQ This is a detented control. The center position is flat, no frequencies are affected. The EQ control is a tilt style with the center frequency at 900Hz. When rolled up, this knob boosts everything above 900Hz and cuts everything below. When rolled down, the knob boosts everything below 900Hz and cuts everything above. The maximum boost and cut is 10dB on either side. - Mids This is a detented control. The center position is flat, no frequencies are affected. The Mids control is an active mids boost or cut at 900Hz, with up to 10dB of boost or cut. This helps the fuzz jump out of the mix with ease. The width of the mids boost is wide enough to interact with the EQ knob in interesting ways. Try it! - Blend This knob blends between clean and fuzz sounds, from 100 percent dry to 100 percent wet. This lets you preserve some natural guitar tone or pre-dialed frequencies which lets your tone breathe. Be aware that you will have to adjust the volume accordingly when turning this knob. - Loud This control is very aptly named. When the Blend knob is rolled all the way back, full Loud will give a slightly boosted signal. But when the Blend knob is all the way up, everyone within a one-mile radius will call the cops. - Fuzz Goes from a little" to "a lot." There are a ton of different flavors on tap, and the Giygas is equipped with a small "treble retention circuit" that keeps the chime present even when Fuzz is at zero. Rolling the Fuzz control back brings all sorts of lower-gain garage rock textures to the surface. Under the hood - Guitar/bass switch This switch changes the center point of both EQ and Mids controls from 900Hz to 250Hz for a much more natural feel when playing bass. Be aware that this affects the 40Hz trimmer (see below). - 40Hz trimpot This control functions just like the Mids knob except it provides up to 10dB of boost or cut at 40Hz, very useful when recording or for when you want your bass to have a little more oomph. This trimpot is not affected by the Guitar/bass switch. The factory setting is fully down (10dB cut). BE CAREFUL with this control, especially with the EQ and Mids knobs set to bass mode. With this trimpot set higher than noon, the EQ control will compound-boost the 40Hz band."