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The Broken Arrow is a very flexible overdrive with 4 presets for clipping options, an innovative gain adjustment feature that we call Gain Cycle, and a 3 band active EQ for maximum tonal flexibility. To top it off, we added a boost circuit which is the same type of Mosfet boost circuit found on our top selling Prism Preamp pedal. The boost circuit in the Broken Arrow is a Mosfet based non-crackling boost much like the Amp Mode found in Jackson Audio’s best-selling Prism preamp pedal. It is in its own true bypass loop, so it can be used independently of the Drive circuit. There are 4 Boost presets available, selectable after a long press. Each preset is EQ’d slightly differently to allow it to alter how it interacts with the overdrive circuit or any other pedal. An internal switch selects an alternate version of the Mosfet boost which will give you slightly more gain but will crackle when turning the Gain knob. The overdrive circuit of the Broken Arrow is a soft clipping overdrive circuit designed in the same vein as the TS-808 but without that typical mid-hump” and its tone is relatively flat. It has 4 different presets of clipping diodes, selectable after a long press: – 1-Green: Classic Screamer. 2 symmetrical silicon diodes give the classic drive and compression that the Tube Screamer is known for. – 2-Magenta: Asymmetric Clipping. 3 asymmetric silicon diodes clip the top and bottom differently for a more complex and interesting tone, great for aggressive rhythm parts. – 3-Blue: Symmetrical Clipping. 4 symmetric silicon diodes clip the top and bottom evenly for a more focused and direct tone. – 4-Amber: Vintage Marshall. 2 Red LED’s are used to symmetrically clip the top and bottom evenly. The LED’s allow MUCH higher headroom so your tone will stay more open and less compressed much like a vintage Marshall. A unique circuit level matches the output of the pedal as various clipping diodes are selected, so now you can select between all four clipping options and your volume level will remain constant. Gain Cycle takes the Gain knob setting, which selects your maximum gain, and divides that level of gain into 4 equal parts, and every time you press both footswitches simultaneously, the gain of the pedal will jump up 25% until you get to 100%, then back to 25% and on. The Drive led will change depending on the selected percentage of gain. – Soft-clipping overdrive circuit with 4 presets. – Output matching circuit on all overdrive presets. – Gain Cycle, from 0% to 100% of the Gain knob position in 4 steps of 25% each. – Mosfet-based boost with 4 presets. – Internal switch for standard or modified boost. – Studio-grade EQ based on the legendary Baxandall EQ, with High Bandwidth and ±12dB Boost/Cut per control. – MIDI operation – New for 2020!”

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