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Maxon OD9 “Limited Edition”



1969 – Maxon starts designing and manufacturing effect pedals as OEM for other guitar companies.

1974 – Maxon incorporates the JRC4558 Operational Amplifier into its overdrive circuit design and invents the world-famous Tube Screamer® circuit which is sold simultaneously under the Maxon brand name as the OD-808 as well as under another big guitar brand as the TS-808®. The success is huge.

1982 – A few years later, Maxon creates another successful design with the OD-9 (TS-9®) from the famous Nine Series. With more gain and bite as well as a unique look, Maxon once again makes history.

2021 – Now with the OD-9 Blackdrive, Maxon offers the world-famous unique gain and natural overdrive from the analog circuit of the original Tube Screamer® design, 100% made in Japan, in a Limited Edition classy semi-gloss black enclosure made exclusively for the European market.

About the OD-9 Overdrive
Maxon, the original designers of the TS9 is manufacturing the legendary overdrive under its own name and they have improved the output section in order to lower background noises. Entirely analog and equipped with JRC4558D circuits, it provides a unique and famous tone. Just like the OD808, the OD-9 offers the same smooth natural overdrive as a tube amp without sacrificing your guitar tone. It can also be used as a clean boost, without altering your signal.

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